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Wisdom's Game - How to Change Life's Pain Into Joy - Book Cover Image - "You are spirit-in-form, waking up to remember what your play is all about." - "Wisdom's Game" by Judi Thomases, Speaker & Author.
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Wisdom's Game - How to Change Life's Pain Into Joy - Book Cover Image - "You are spirit-in-form, waking up to remember what your play is all about." - "Wisdom's Game" by Judi Thomases, Speaker & Author.
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January 2008
Teachings of the Brotherhood of Light Workers
~ "Spirit's Words" ~
by Judi Thomases

The following segment has been received, word for word, through a psychic process known as channeling. It is an invited procedure. The teachings always serve to guide us through the journey of life. Compilations of many such messages are available in book, PDF, and audio formats.


There are those who will always see the world from their own point ofview. This is a narrower mindset than is required, but is the necessary stage of human development.

Either as an individual or as a race of beings, it is necessary at first to develop full identity and full presence in one's body, in one's heart, and in one's place in time and space. Only then can the individual feel whole and begin to shift perspective toward something larger.

The same is true of all humanity, for the race itself must continue its development into wholeness, seeing itself writ large as fully embodied, fully present, and fully evolved. Once these criteria have been met, or even consciously begun, then there can be further progress. And that progress is known as the open heart, or the awakened mind, and ultimately the aware spirit.

It is greatly to be prized, for then the true nature of the individual, or of humanity itself, can come pouring forth. Until such time (and space), there is struggle - both within and without. The world is seen as in turmoil, and the person is experiencing storms as well.

Once the expansion occurs, however, a greater voice is heard and a larger picture is seen. The person sees self - now developed and whole - as part of the entire race. And the race sees itself - now fully ensconced upon the planet - as part and parcel of the life form of the planetary material itself, and then as a component of the universe's quest to discover the nature of matter (materiality), and finally, as God.

The same mind that has evolved from nature - the natural world, the mineral and animal kingdoms - reaches wider and sees its very self, its nature, as all- expansive, and all-encompassing. It wakes up. The same mind as held small in a lowly creature, or dark in an unevolved human, now comes awake and brightens. Its light shines forth.

This mind is you! Do you see it? Can you not expand into your light? Can you not brighten the universe with your development? We say you can.

(c) 2008 Judi Thomases. All rights reserved.



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