Wisdom's Game - How to Change Life's Pain Into Joy - Book Cover Image - "You are spirit-in-form, waking up to remember what your play is all about." - "Wisdom's Game" by Judi Thomases, Speaker & Author.
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~ MIND BODY SPIRIT FESTIVAL - Jan. 19th - 20th, (rain date Jan. 26th-27th), Cecil College, MD. I'll be doing readings there.

 ~  META MEET - Teachings from my new book The Wisdom Keys, and from over four decades on The Path - Meeting monthly every 3rd Monday at 7-9PM. Request details.

~ RECENT ARTICLE IN THE OCTOBER DELL HOROSCOPE MAGAZINE: "Neptune and America's Identity Crisis". -The astrology behind our confusing era of "fake news", boundary issues, and general political muddle, concluding with some upbeat remarks about an encouraging change in the upcoming energy patterns.

Dell October 2017

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    - How should you see yourself in
    - What is the Quantum Shift?
    - What does “getting out of the
       hologram, and into the energy
       field” mean?
    - What is the Surge?
    - What does “piercing the veil”
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~  "New Perspectives" Radio Show with Judi Thomases and host Paul Lamb  - "USE TAROT'S WISDOM TO MAKE BETTER CHOICES" (broadcast on June 11th 2015 on Rockland World Radio).
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Wisdom's Game - How to Change Life's Pain Into Joy - Book Cover Image - "You are spirit-in-form, waking up to remember what your play is all about." - "Wisdom's Game" by Judi Thomases, Speaker & Author.
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Wisdom's Game - How to Turn Life's Pain Into Joy: by Judi Thomases. - What if there was a way to remain happy under any circumstances, no matter how difficult or uncomfortable your life might become?  There is. What's the secret?  Change your response to suffering. - Click here to buy the book.

Softcover, Cypress House
128 pages, $12.95
ISBN 1-879384-57-4

The reason that the soul chooses to live within a constricted pattern, instead of vast and without boundaries, is that there is more to play with when there is smallness and limitation than there is when there is hugeness and great empowerment."

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The Wisdom Buffet is open! Food for the hungering soul! Learn the Wisdom System™, one Level at a time.
This is a work-in-progress which will soon have a membership club. Find out about the Continuum -- begin to raise your consciousness to higher levels -- join the threads of Global Mind as it begins to understand itself and its game. Post your comments or questions.
(Latest: "What happens to consciousness in a coma?") You are the Universe, waking up!


Powerful, channeled teachings from a group entity, The Brotherhood of Light Workers, will deepen your understanding of the meaning of life: why you came to Earth, your soul's purpose, and the reason for your pain and suffering. A game is being played by each soul, and you hold the tools for winning - all you need to do is figure out the rules. Preparation is the key. Look at it this way, salvation is like paying for a life insurance policy - you only get to reap the fruit of your labors at the very end. Suffering is a necessary obstacle, but you don't have to get trapped in it. Instead, you can learn to view the world in a new way, accept life's pain willingly, and use it to grow stronger and wiser.

Spirit is playing a game.

The game is that the world is you and you are the world!

  • What does that mean?
  • How does it feel?
  • How can the game be won?

This material was given to help ordinary people see that life's pain and dissatisfaction is normal, but that continual suffering from it need not be endured.

It is a message of how to find that awakening, and how to proceed from there.

Wisdoms Game is also available as an Audio Book (Author's Reading)
2CD Set. (Click to order)





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