By Judi Thomases


"The top 12 indicators & the 10 ways to tap into your psychic gifts" for the special introductory price: only $9.95

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A 34 page report - downloadable PDF format
Rate your own psychic ability with 
The Psychic Quotient Check List
Special Introductory Price: only $9.95

This report has been written by Judi Thomases, author of award-winning book "Wisdom's Game", and long-time psychic/astrologer/channeler for the purpose of helping people to identify and understand the normal human capacity to connect with the larger field of awareness that is everyone's birthright.  As with other talents, some people are naturally more or less gifted... but everyone has psychic ability to a degree. Demystifying ESP and revealing ways to access it further are the goals of this report.
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